Giraudi Meats

Giraudi’s first activity, in the 1960’s, was the import of Dutch veal in Italy. Giraudi International SAM continues and develops this activity on several fronts with Giraudi Traditional Meats’ traders and agents and Giraudi Exclusive Meat’s importers.

Giraudi is specialized into buying, selling and commercializing any kind of chilled & frozen meats from all around the world.

This experience made the group become the largest importer of hormone-free Black Angus beef from the United States. Since 2014, Giraudi became the first importer of certified Japanese Kobe beef into Europe.

Giraudi Meats is one of the leaders in the meat importation with more than 90 000 tons of products sold to the most prestigious companies every year.

Giraudi Creative Meats produces innovative meat products such as Gourmet Boutique Burgers and Smiley Meals.

Gourmet Boutique Burgers is a range of burgers, far from traditional ground beef : pure Kobe beef, Black Angus & Kobe beef or grass fed beef blended with black truffles, mild jalapeno etc. Each beef blend comes with its own unique sauce.

Smiley Meals are fun and delicious frozen products made with 100% certified European meat and composed of crispy chicken nuggets, tender beef burgers and tasty veal burgers.

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Monaco Restaurant Group

Monaco Restaurant Group was founded in 2009. The company owns almost 10 restaurants in the Principality and many abroad. In a decor created by Humbert & Poyet, each restaurant has its own identity, its own atmosphere and its own menu.

Beefbar, the signature concept of the group is a high-end meat restaurant.

Song Qi, in association with Alan Yau, is a Chinese gourmet restaurant.

Mozza offers traditional and Italian cuisine, and is famous for its Mozza Bar.

Bouchon pays tribute to France and to the 1930’s bistros, both in the kitchen and in the décor.

La Salière, located on the port de Fontvieille for over 25 years, is a true Italian institution.

Moshi Moshi, an intimate Mediterranean sushi bar on the port de Fontvieille.

Grubers, our first fast casual dedicated to delicious burgers or “Cheesegrubers” as we like to call them.

Pantone Café, the perfect place to taste the color.

Monaco Restaurant Group’s concepts can also be found abroad. There is a Beefbar in Moscow, but also in Mexico, Berlin, Mykonos and Hong Kong, and a Beefbar Junior in Luxembourg as well as Moscow. Beefbar also plans on opening in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Another idea is born from the desire to combine an extraordinary product with an American cooking method: Beeftro. Two restaurants have already opened in the center of Dublin, and a new one opened recently in Luxembourg.

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Fashion Factory, established in 2007, seeks to provide a solution to luxury clothing brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, who want to empty their stock at the end of the season.

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